9 Best Tips to Sell On Instagram

In 2019 Instagram is not only one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms, it’s also one of the best platforms to build a brand today.

With an estimated 71% of US based businesses using Instagram, it’s no surprise that it’s getting harder than ever for brands to stand out.

Instagram has a number of tools to enable brands to sell.

They include tagging products and the Shop Explore page which is like the explore page, but just for products. Even more, Instagram announced earlier this year that consumers will eventually purchase products without even leaving the app.

Despite all of these opportunities on Instagram, most brands still struggle to get more sales.

Here are 9 of the best tips for how you can sell more on Instagram.

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1. Sell something your audience wants to buy.

You might be 100% your product is amazing, but if you are having difficulty bringing in sales, you may want to do a bit more research.


Product posts won’t receive as much engagement as your other posts, but if you’re struggling to get any sales at all you will have to to dig a bit deeper. Do your research on Instagram to learn whether similar products are actually selling.


Here are a few ways to do research:

  • Look at your analytics to learn what the best performing posts were in the past. Try to angle your product in line with your top posts.
  • Go to your competitors pages, and find the top performing posts. Read the comments to discover exactly what people are asking about. This will give you clues to what people want to buy.
  • Go to larger influencer pages in your niche to see what types of products they are promoting, or products that appear in their photos.


Once you do this research, you’ll get a better idea of what types of products people are buying on Instagram, and whether your product is relevant.


2. Post useful and viral content daily.

The instagram algorithm looks at whether people have engaged in your posts in the past.

What is useful content. Think content that someone might search for, or want to save for later. A couple of examples of this are recipes, or pictures of content.


Viral content is content that is shared a bunch on Instagram. When you share this content it’s like you’re sharing a joke. Even though the joke has been told before you still share it with your friend.


Can’t find viral content easily? Check the free Tribelist Viral Content Finder.


3. Optimize your bio.

Your bio in your greeting to new potential customers. It is your welcome tag. Be sure that your bio has the following lines:

  • A description of your Instagram content.
  • A description of why a follower should follow  your profile
  • A compelling invitation for the profile visitor should visit your website.


Here’s an example of an optimized Instagram bio.



4. Promote your products 25-30% of the time.

No one wants to follow a profile that’s flooding their feeds with product promotions. You want to have a healthy mix of useful and viral content and product content.


You should post 2-3 times per day. Every third or fourth post should be a product promotion post.


5. Optimize captions for selling.

Don’t slack on your captions. They are a hugely important factor to get people to visit your website. Especially on product posts.

To get the most out of your product posts your captions are key. The format that works best for me is as follows:

  • Make a statement or ask a question: Have you tried world’s most comfortable shoes?
  • Describe the features: These shoes have an air insole and are make for the highest quality leather.
  • Describe the benefits to the reader: They’re so versatile that you can wear them to meetings, and on weekends all day running errands.
  • Make a promise: If you’re meet your new favorite shoes click the link in bio.

Try this format. It works really well (you’ll thank me later).

Oh, and of course you want to add hashtags as well to get more reach on all of your posts.

6. Work with influencers.


Influencers are key to building a successful ecommerce store these days. OF course we expect influencers to bring us sales, but there are a couple of other benefits to working with influencers.


First and most obvious of course is sales. If you find the right influencers, they will help you get more sales.


Second is content, and social proof. When you work with an influencer in addition to getting promotion of your product, you also get to use their content in your feed and in your paid ads. This is a huge bonus, and can really validate your product.


Finally when you work with influencers you will also see a bump in followers (as long as you choose the right ones). These followers may not purchase from you immediately but if you post relevant content, will purchase from you down the line.

7. Create a custom landing page for Instagram.

If you do everything else I mentioned above correctly you then people will click through to your website. Once they click the link in bio through to your website, you want to do everything you can do to make it easy to purchase your product.


To do this you’ll want to set up a custom Instagram landing page.


If you’re selling products in a Shopify store, link directly to your most popular product, or to an Instagram specific collection of products.


An alternative to linking to product pages you can link to an email capture page that will collect the visitor’s email in exchange for a discount or content download.


By having a dedicated landing page for Instagram not only will you increase your sales, you can also target the visitors of that page with paid ads.


8. Tag your Products.

Tagging your product in Instagram is becoming more and more important.


There are a few benefits to tagging your products in the shop tab. Of course, when you tag you products on Instagram you can link directly to your store page. This makes it much easier for your followers to buy right away.


Another benefit of tagging your products is that you will end up in the shopping explore page of Instagram. The Shopping Explore is similar to the explore page, only it is products from all of the brands on Instagram you interact with.

Tagging your products is an easy way to immediately get more traffic from Instagram to your store.


9. Target your Instagram engagers with Facebook ads.


Warning: This is a pro-tip for more advanced marketers.


If you are running Facebook advertising campaigns be sure to create a custom audiences for people who:

  1. Engaged with your Instagram profile over the last 30 days.
  2. Saved a post from your Instagram profile over the last 30 days.


Select Instagram

Create audiences from the people who have both engaged with your Instagram posts AND saved them.


If you have real and engaged followers these audiences are unique and perform better than generic targeting.


You can also create LookALike audiences from these custom audiences as well.


Selling on Instagram is all about your brand relationship with your followers.

If you’ve built a solid relationship with your followers, and you use these tips you’ll see a boost in sales almost immediately.


Which one of these tips was most helpful for you? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below.

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