Hi, I'm David Dundas

I’m not some huge influencer or public speaker.

I am just an entrepreneur who has built a couple multi-million dollar startups. I’ve been fortunate enough to have people and companies like Gary Vaynerchuck and Disney invest in my previous business ideas.

Of course, it hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows; it was a time to learn, grow and focus.

Essentially, I learned the hard way what to do, how to use technology and process to build brands fast, and stay ahead of the social media algorithms.

So, if you’re sick of the B.S. of the old, slow, manual methods for how to build your brand… the hacks, the myths, the expensive and outdated courses … that’s good.

You’re in the right place and we’ll be friends…

You see, I experienced what I thought was great success building a fitness brand. The fastest business I had ever built on the back of Facebook ads, became impossible to grow over night because Facebook ads changed their algorithm.

I realized something about EVERY business today:
If you’re building a business today we’re all at the mercy of the algorithms Facebook and Google.

I literally have spent the last year building technology systems that help us stay ahead of the algorithms, and quickly adapt when changes are made.

Now, I want to help people like you focus on the things that matter most in your life, like running your day to day business, or maybe just spending more time with your family and friends, not the complications of staying ahead of changes on the social media platforms.

But, those are my words and you’ll want proof that I actually know what I’m talking about…

So, here it is.

I’ve been featured in every major tech blog as well as some of the world’s largest business publications, such as Forbes, Inc., New York Times, and Mashable.

mediapostlogo-300x100 (2)

After coming to the realization that as an entrepreneur your success or failure hinges on whether you can build big audiences today on social media I am determined to help more entrepreneurs succeed.

Why? Because, I am an entrepreneur.

We want to pursue our passions and see our ideas live in the world. Most of us aren’t prepared for it, and it’s filled with failures and setbacks that are avoidable.

My mission is to give you that extra edge you need to reach your success and sidestep some of those things that can keep you from it.

I am looking to build a long-term long-lasting relationship, not just sell you something. I intend on having you as part of the HelloConvo community for a very long time, but only because of the proven value you receive.

Look yourself in the mirror. Are you ready to build an amazing brand that people love?

Good. Let’s get to work.
David Dundas,
– Founder at HelloConvo

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