5 Tips for Successful Social Media Campaigns

There are many benefits of running a social media campaign, but you have to do it right. This guide lists 5 tips for successful social media campaigns.

Did you know that in 2020 there are 3.8 billion people using social media? This means that now is the perfect time to use a social media campaign to advertise for your business because your target audience will surely see it. 

You might be asking yourself how exactly do you run successful social media campaigns? 

Well, with a few tips and tricks you'll be running your own social media campaigns and seeing loads of benefits in no time!

Keep reading for our guide on five of the best tips for running a successful social media campaign for your business. 

1. Host a Giveaway

A giveaway is one of the best ways to get your followers to do something for you. If you're thinking of hosting a giveaway, then you will want to think about what you want your giveaway goal to be.

Do you want more followers on your social media? Do you want to increase your email list? Or do you want your engagement on your social media to grow? 

The list of goals can go on and on but you need to narrow it down to one per giveaway. Once you've figured out exactly why you're doing a giveaway, then you can pick a prize. 

If you're looking for something cost-efficient, then giving away one of your products is perfect. This will help to get people interested in what you have to sell and may even increase sales when people don't win. 

Next, be sure to figure out all the giveaway rules before posting about the giveaway. Defining everything in your giveaway post is important so no one is confused later on. This is where you can ask people to follow you or tag their friends! 

Now you're ready to post! Make sure you create an interesting graphic so people will be more likely to stop and enter the giveaway. 

2. Use the Latest Features

The social media platforms we use are always coming up with and implementing new ideas to their platforms. As a business, you should be ahead of the trends and always ready to be the first to jump aboard. 

Back in the day many platforms only used one form of media. Twitter was for text posts while Instagram was for pictures. Now you can post videos, pictures, and text posts on pretty much any platform. 

Each social media platform has created multiple ways to create content on their websites. When stories first came out many people didn't want to use them, but now they're something that everyone uses. 

Another one of the latest features is Instagram Reels. These are fifteen-second video clips that can be recorded, edited, and posted within the Instagram app.

Businesses should jump on making content for Instagram Reels because Instagram is pushing this kind of content high on the explore page. This means it will give you a better chance for your content to be organically seen on the platform. 

3. User-Generated Content

If you ask a social media expert what the best kind of content is, then they will tell you the kind that you don't have to create. User-generated content is content that is made for you by your followers. 

You might be wondering how do you get user-generated content? 

Sometimes your followers will like your products or your brand so much that they will go out of their way and do it on their own. If this happens, then feel free to repost their content and thank them. This can create a chain effect of other users creating their own content about your brand! 

On the other hand, simply asking your followers to create content for your brand or about your products is the best way to go about it. Create a branded hashtag for your followers to put all their content in. This way you will be able to go to one place to find all of the user-generated content. 

Make sure that you repost or retweet a few of the posts that people made featuring you. This is a great way to thank them but also a good way for more people to be influenced to make their own content for you. 

4. Utilize Livestreaming

Incorporating video content should already be apart of your digital marketing strategy, but have you thought about introducing live streaming to your audience? 

A live stream is a great way for you to interact with your followers and for them to engage with you. Essentially you can do anything and everything during a live stream as long as your audience is on board with it. 

Whether you want to show off new products, chat about upcoming projects, show a behind the scenes, or anything else you can think of. Live streaming is changing the way that businesses interact with their target audience. 

If you're planning to live stream with your followers, then make sure to set a specific time. This way you will be able to promote your upcoming live stream. Followers who want to attend can clear their schedule and be sure to make it to the event. 

Another plus to a live event is that social media platforms think highly of it. They will push your content to the top because it is currently live so more people will click on it.

5. Be Consistent

When you're aiming for good social media branding, then you need to make sure that you're consistent on each social media platform. If you're starting with social media, don't bite off more than you can chew. 

Choose one or two platforms to start with so you can make sure that you can consistently post on each platform. 

The best way to stay consistent on each platform is to create a posting schedule. Decide which days and at what time you're going to post on each platform. This will help you stay consistent and keep your followers happy. 

Running Successful Social Media Campaigns 

The benefits of successful social media campaigns can help out your business. You'll see more traffic on your website, increased revenue, and even better engagement.

Social media is an awesome place to build your brand and work to form a stronger connection with your audience. 

If you're looking for more advice on how to run your social media accounts, then make sure to bookmark our page. We'll constantly keep you updated with tons of tips and tricks for your social media marketing. 


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