Influencers: The Best Replacement for Third-Party Cookies?

The ad gods have spoken: cookies are out.

Third-party cookies have allowed brands and marketers to easily track and target customers on the web for years. Now, major privacy updates by Google and iOS are making it just as easy for users to opt out.

Many have decided to do just that.

Fortunately, there’s a valuable alternative to third-party cookies that can also help you earn the trust of your audience.

That alternative is influencer marketing. Here’s why:

Influencers Bring Their Audience

Working with the right influencers is often a better use of your time and money than paid social ads. That's because influencers have a much more targeted and enthusiastic audience.

Choosing the right influencer, however, can be challenging on your own.

To reduce the legwork (and guesswork), consider working with an influencer agency that can pair you with the right people.

This allows you to work with a built-in, opt-in audience that's likely to resonate with whatever your product, service, or needs are.

One well-placed endorsement from an influencer can help your brand take off.

Influencers Are Natural Content Creators

Getting an influencer to create content for your brand is another tactic that can make reaching your customers easier.

Start by offering a product or service that the influencer can promote using their own original content.

Leaving the content creation up to influencers means you have more time to focus on growing your business.

Think about it: influencers grow their large followings because of their amazing content. Partnering with the right one can make a huge difference in your marketing.

Influencers Are All About Connectivity

Working with influencers also lends itself to viral growth potential. That's because influencers are pros at connecting with others.

Besides connecting with their loyal followers, influencers also form valuable relationships with other influencers. Creator collabs are a common way for influencers to expand their reach and increase audience size.

Larger reach means more potential for engagement from your shared target audience.

Influencers Are Not Creepy

There's a reason companies like Apple and Google have started to place restrictions on third-party cookies: users find them creepy and annoying.

Choosing to work with influencers or brand ambassadors eliminates the risk of your brand appearing invasive. Their audiences are there because they want to be, and they value the influencer's opinion.

Influencers Are More Personal

Instagram influencer marketing is on the rise for a reason.

Users latch onto influencers because they interact and engage. They provide personalization in a digital landscape that can be very impersonal.

Third-party cookies, at one time, seemed personal. As users became more aware of how they worked, however, the practice lost its "customization" approach and became nothing more than another algorithm to worry about.

Influencers are the friendly face and trusted voice that third-party cookies can never be.

Influencers Lend You Authority and Credibility

Influencers help to make your brand seem more credible to potential customers.

This is a result of the relationships they've taken time to cultivate with their followers. Word-of-mouth is such a powerful tool for marketing because it usually comes with a high level of trust.

This is applied tenfold with influencers because of their extended reach.

Influencers Improve Your Chances of Creating Value

When using third-party cookies, you might generate a lot of sales. However, those sales might be one-and-done, or you might have to continually feed the advertising beast to keep sales going.

There's no real sense that people are actually using the products.

Ebooks are a great example of this. Many people will buy them and never get around to reading them because they're so cheap to own.

However, when an influencer says, "This is a great book, you need to read it," people actually read it!

All that to say this: influencer endorsements instantly up your chances of creating value for others instead of just becoming a forgotten purchase.

Influencers Are Pros at Relationship Marketing

Relationships generate word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth means allowing others to do the hard part (marketing) for you, for free.

That's ultimately what you want for your product, service, company, or organization, and influencers are pros at delivering it!

It Is Time for Third-Party Cookies to Go

Once you understand the benefits of influencer marketing and how to connect with them, ditching third-party cookies seems a lot less terrifying. Many consumers are increasingly uncomfortable with cookies, yet they're showing enthusiasm for influencers who are honest, direct, and engaging.

If you are interested in knowing more about how influencer marketing can help you, connect now for a free strategy session.

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