Case Study: How YGN Uses UGC to Fuel Their Million Dollar Ad Strategy


Founded in 2016 by Monique Little, You Go Natural (YGN) is a hair accessory brand that aims to make protective styling both easy and effortlessly chic with their line of warps, headbands, and turbans.

The Challenge

The word on every marketer’s lips these days is UGC.

User-Generated Content has become a necessity for brands—seemingly overnight—and it’s changing the way every business thinks about their ad spend. Take a look at recent consumer trends and it makes total sense:

90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support.

On top of that, consumers are 2.4x more likely to view UGC as more authentic than branded content.

You Go Natural wanted to use UGC to raise awareness about their brand while scaling their business. They also wanted to cultivate a strong community of supporters who were on the hunt for an easier, more stylish way to protect their hair.

The Result

You Go Natural’s Kick-ass Content Pipeline

From the start, YGN knew they would need a consistent flow of user-generated content to generate buzz about their brand on social media and to optimize their ads for greater reach and engagement. For this, they enlisted HelloConvo to manage their campaign workflow.

With the help of HelloConvo, they were able to strengthen the three most crucial components of their UGC process.

  1. Creative Brief
  2. Ad Creation
  3. Testing

Let’s zoom in:

Creative Brief

The creative brief is the heart and soul of You Go Natural’s UGC program.

YGN takes a pretty simple, yet direct approach to their briefs, clearly communicating the needs of their campaign deliverables to influencers while still allowing them the space to be creative. Setting clear expectations for UGC creators is extremely important when you plan to use their content as ad creative.

Their creative briefs are organized into 7-10 slide decks that are made with a specific campaign in mind (e.i. their Spring Launch or Men’s Collection).

In the case of their Spring Launch brief, they start with a quick rundown of what the creator will receive as a part of the collab:

  • The product(s)
  • Future opportunities
  • Compensation

Next, they share their mission and some background info to help introduce the influencer to the tone and culture of the brand.

The slides that follow each break down expectations about the final product—video length, content format, and talking points. The information is specific enough without being an exact script.

For the sake of authenticity, YGN avoids being too rigid with their content outline.

The brief ends with a comprehensive list of content “do’s and don’ts” followed by three content examples.

Ad Creation

You Go Natural uses raw UGC in both their paid and organic content because of how well it performs across platforms. Paid social ads especially benefit from the lo-fi style of user-generated content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Before the ads go live, they’re optimized for the specific goals of each campaign and platform.

Above all else, they lead with what works organically.

Basic edits are made by HelloConvo’s editing team using a straightforward process to make YGN’s ads stand out on the feed:

  1. The editor receives raw UGC along with platform specific editing guidelines
  2. Original audio is corrected and background noise is eliminated before visuals are polished using contrast, brightness and color correction.
  3. Royalty-free, non-copyright music is added to the background of the ad—pre-existing music is removed to avoid legal issues.
  4. The video assets are trimmed to fit a 15 to 30 second time frame—the optimal length for high-yielding social ads.
  5. Captions are added, along with product shots, stock footage, and animated graphics if necessary.
  6. Finally, an end card is inserted at the end of the ad with their logo and/or a call to action.

Testing UGC Ads

Beyond basic edits, there are three specific ad variations that have proven to work for YGN’s campaigns. These variations are usually tested at the same time.

This is how three different variations of the same ad were edited for their T-Shirt Bun campaign:

Ad 1: The Quick Demo

In this simple variation, the creator’s product demo is edited with quick cuts and a timelapse effect to immediately grab the viewer's attention. The ad also includes a text overlay with press quotes and/or branded language describing the product and how to use it.

Ad 2: The Testimonial Compilation

The second variation is a customer review with three main components: creator facing camera, creator voiceover, and closed captions. As the creator shares their testimonial, a compilation of other creators’ product demos is interlaced throughout the ad.

Ad 3: The Press Compilation

The last ad variation is a compilation of creator product demos with press quotes and reviews included as text overlay. Like the first variation, this one is accompanied by upbeat music and no spoken word.

It’s Your Turn To Grow

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