Inside the Top 50 Shopify Brands of 2020

Inside the Top 50 Shopify Brands of 2020

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An exclusive look at the social media strategies, engagement rates, and major trends of the top-selling DTC brands on Shopify.

In 2020, e-commerce saw growth like never before. Learn how the leading Shopify brands like Gymshark and ColourPop are leveraging current trends to stay on top.

This report includes Instagram statistics, web traffic, and other DTC business insights.


  1. Beauty Brands
  2. Apparel Brands
  3. Footwear Brands
  4. Sports Brands
  5. Accessory Brands
  6. Home Good & General Merchandise Brands
  7. Adult Product Brands
  8. Digital Product Brands
  9. Health & Wellness Brands
  10. Food for Thought: What We Learned
  11. Strategies That Still Work
  12. Surprising IG Trends
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