The Transparent Profile Growth Strategy

Transparent Profile Growth Strategy

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By the end of this overview my hope is that, you’ll learn the exact strategy I’m using to grow my personal brand on Instagram, and you can do the same.


I’ll outline the 4-part strategy to build a highly engaged audience of 10,000 followers.It will be worth 3 minutes of your time…


There’s a term in the tech industry called “dog-fooding”. It means that you’re willing to eat your own dog food. Or simply put – you use your own products.


I want to be 100% transparent so you can see that I’m using exactly the tactics I recommend for clients.


Since I’ve been traveling in Europe over the last 5 weeks I’ve started get serious about my building up my personal brand .

I currently have 1279 followers, which I admit is not massive. I have actually been more conservative with growth because I want to build a long-term highly engaged audience.

BUT – I think it’s more valuable to share my journey because EVERY brand starts at zero…its all about patience and execution to get where you want to go.

No matter what anyone tells you,  building a branded Instagram page takes time and patience…unless you are exceptionally attractive, talented,  famous, or your buy followers.



I’ve been optimizing my growth over the last 3 weeks, and my follower growth is accelerating.


Over the last 30 days I’ve increased my followers by 25%, and had my best day so far yesterday adding 78 new followers.


You can track my daily follower growth here:

Below is the EXACT strategy I’m using to grow my profile.


You have to be methodical about growing on Instagram…Because if you’re not, you’ll end up wasting your time with a profile with lots of followers and no engagement…or you’ll grow a bit and start to lose followers.


The key is building a REAL AUDIENCE


Here are the FOUR MAIN STRATEGIES I am using:



This is automated follow unfollow, but it is done in a way that is within Instagram’s safe limits, and is meant to build a high quality and engaged audience. I built a system that does lots of analyzing behind the scenes to rank the best profiles to follow.


I offer this in a premium service called Smart Growth, but you can do a basic follow unfollow for this as well.


It will take you more time, and it’ll be difficult to find the best people to follow, but it can be done.


If you do follow unfollow yourself be sure that users have recently done the following:


  • Have posted in the last 7 days

  • Have left a comment on a profile in the last 7 days.

  • Have at least 30 posts.

  • Is a public profile

  • Has a public picture

  • Is a person, not a business or general page.

The key is always making sure the audience you are building is high quality, because that is critical to succeeding with the Instagram algorithm.


My email earlier this week discussed this in depth, and I also made a video about it watch here.


This tactic is using larger niche profiles to grow your own. You can also leverage larger profiles through shot outs, but managing your own Community Profiles over the long run is way cheaper, and reliable.


I have two community profiles that point back to my personal profile:


– Motivational/Quotes Profile – 11387 followers
– Travel Profile – @traveling.simply 10229 followers

These profiles are also using the Smart Growth service for growth.


Your Community Profiles will always grow faster than growing your branded account. This is why I use this strategy.


You can track my community profiles here:

I’ll probably also add a fitness profile into the mix here sometime soon.


Side Note: I have a few community profiles for sale ranging for 3k-100k followers, just reply to this email if you’re interested in getting one.




This one is obvious although I have spent almost zero time on it so far. Right now I’m just focused on growth. I haven’t even added my existing profiles to Amplify because I’ve been so busy. Over the few weeks I will shift to focusing on ensuring engagement continues to scale with follower growth.




I use Tribelist recommendations daily to find new people to engage with. But you should spend at least 10-15 minutes engaging with your follower’s posts every day.


With the tools we’ve built the time it takes me to manage these three pages is about 30 minutes/day. That is if I’m not creating custom content for my page which usually takes a couple of hours.


It may take you longer if you’re doing everything manually most likely 2-3 hours/day.


Ok so that’s it! This is the breakdown of the strategy for growing my personal Instagram profile. I hope the transparency was helpful for you and you got a few ideas for how you can grow your followers!

Did you agree or disagree with article? What did you learn? Leave a comment below!